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Lip Augmentation

Lips are part of the features that makes the human face attractive. During instances such as talking to someone, you will automatically find yourself staring at their lips. It is why people have come up with a variety of things to beautify them such as lipstick and lip bum. However, such objects can’t fully achieve the desired effect you want. Lip augmentation became popular because of celebrities who underwent the procedure and got themselves a set of ‘perfect lips.’ No one wouldn’t love to have beautiful and soft lips.

What is lip augmentation?

It is the increasing of the fullness and plumpness of your lips. You shouldn’t be afraid of this procedure because it happens fast and an anesthetic is given to ease the pain. There are different ways you can enhance your lips. They are as follows;

  • Fat transfers

In this procedure of lips augmentation, the doctor will remove a small quantity of fat from your body part, and he/she will inject it to your lips. Fat is usually taken from areas where it’s in excess. A good example of such parts is the abdomen or the thighs. Before injecting it to your lips, the fat undergoes purification to ensure there are no foreign substances. This procedure is recommendable because there is a high rate of compatibility when the fat comes from your body.

  • Use of chemical injections

Due to advancements in science, you can get an injection of some special chemicals that will beautify the shape of your lips. This particular procedure requires an expert because the right chemical should be used to avoid complications. The results last for a while, but this highly depends on the type of injections. Some last much longer than others.

  • Laser treatments

Use of laser treatment is a bit complex, but it does a remarkable job. It smoothens the skin and reduces the fine lines around the lips. It also boosts the reproduction of collagen in the lips. Therefore making the lips appear succulent and fuller. It’s a recommendable procedure especially to clients who are not big fans of injections.

These are some of the ways you can enhance your lips and though they do last for quite a while. It’s advisable to redo it after a year to ensure they are always in shape. Lip augmentation has lots of benefits.

What are the advantages of lip augmentation?

  • The procedure is fast and simple

The process takes place for less than two hours, and you won’t have to spend the entire day at the hospital. It’s also not that complex, and you will be able to see what the doctor is doing, but you will have to take an anesthetic for the pain.

  • Fast recovery

Not only is the procedure fast but so is the healing process. Your lips will heal in less than two months. The augmentation isn’t that severe, and most people even go back to work on the present day as long as they don’t strain the lips.

  • It boosts your self-confidence

If you had thin lips that you thought were unattractive. After undergoing lip augmentation, you will come back as a new person with a high self-esteem and good looks. You should take control of your looks. If there’s something you can do something about it, why don’t you try lip augmentation?

There are also other advantages of this procedure such as you can customize on how you would like your lips to look like. With the aid of your doctor that is. Dr. Garo Kassabian has helped out lots of patients. His expertise is what you require for you to undergo lip augmentation successfully.