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Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers

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While the quest for younger looking skin often leads to surgical procedures such as a facelift, brow lift or neck lift, there are areas of the face that remain stubbornly elusive and unreachable via these avenues. Dermal fillers bridge the gap, targeting age-induced blemishes such as wrinkles, laugh lines, brow furrows, crow’s feet and tear troughs with remarkable precision. They also work to effortlessly restore lost volume and plumpness, something that surgery cannot always achieve. For many clients, dermal fillers represent a safe, non-invasive alternative to the incisions, anesthesia and longer recovery times associated with traditional cosmetic operations, and they have therefore become increasingly popular and in demand worldwide.

Dr. Kwak is a world-renowned, double board certified surgeon, who tailors every dermal filler procedure to the unique needs and desires of his clients. While it may seem simple to inject a needle into a wrinkle, administering dermal fillers is far more complex, as it must be done in such a way that preserves facial expression and spontaneity. Dr. Kwak’s outstanding results speak for themselves, however; his extensive portfolio of before and after photographs can be viewed during consultation, offering insight into the full spectrum of beautiful outcomes that can be achieved. Below is a general description of the fillers most often employed by Dr. Kwak and what to expect from each in terms of results.

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Restylane is a safe, gentle, FDA-tested dermal filler that contains no animal products and is therefore highly tolerated by clients that typically suffer from allergies. Laugh lines, nasolabial folds and tear troughs at the inner eye all respond exceptionally well to Restylane, and as volume and suppleness are generously returned to these hard-to-reach facial areas, clients gradually regain a youthful glow. The key ingredient in Restylane
is hyaluronic acid, an all-natural compound found in the human body that replenishes, rejuvenates, and hydrates the skin.

Restylane is used with local anesthesia, followed by a soothing ointment post injection. Other than a light tingling sensation, patients do not experience side effects and can return to their normal activities immediately following the 30-minute procedure. Results from Restylane are visible right away, and continue to please for up to 12 months.


One of the inevitable side effects of aging is a loss of collagen, that all-important protein in the body responsible for the skin’s vibrancy and youthfulness. Enter Radiesse, a versatile and flexible dermal filler FDA-approved to reverse the hollowness of the mid-face region as well as the loss of skin elasticity around the jowls. In addition to plumping up these areas, Radiesse stimulates the body to grow new collagen, fortifying the skin’s natural internal structure for long-lasting results. Its key ingredients are calcium hydroxyapatite molecules that render the skin extremely malleable. For this reason, doctors find that Radiesse is a great tool in maintaining symmetry throughout the facial region.

Because Radiesse comes pre-mixed with lidocaine, an anesthetic, patients remain comfortable throughout the 30-minute treatment and can return to work or school immediately. Radiesse has few side effects, however if any numbness, redness or itchiness do occur, these are only temporary and will abate within the first 24 to 48 hours. Radiesse results are visible for up to one year and sometimes even longer.

Sculptra Aesthetic

Loss of facial volume is a telltale sign of growing older, and one that cannot be addressed through a surgical facelift. Sculptra (poly-L-lactic acid) is a groundbreaking dermal “volumizer,” that, like Radiesse, triggers the body to produce its own collagen, that fountain of youth-like protein responsible for the skin’s suppleness. Sculptra is ideal for plumping up the temples, the cheeks, and the lower facial region, beautifully restoring healthy-looking facial contours. It is often used in conjunction with other dermal fillers such as those designed to address the lips and eyes.

Sculptra is administered with a local anesthetic and requires no downtime. Patients are in an out of the office within around 15 minutes. Any side effects such as swelling or bruising are typically resolved within a day or so, and results are remarkably sustainable, sometimes for up to two years.


Juvederm has enjoyed immense worldwide popularity, and is known internationally as among the best “liquid facelifts” on the market. It is especially effective in treating marionette lines, oral commissures, and nasolabial folds. Fueled by hyaluronic acid, an organic hydrating compound that naturally bonds with elastin and collagen to reinvigorate sagging, depleted skin tissue, Juvederm delivers spectacular results for up to 12 months. It is approved for all skin tones and textures, and requires no downtime for recovery.

After the skin is prepped with a local numbing agent and thoroughly cleaned, injections typically take about 15 minutes, with minimal side effects. Patients can return to work, school or exercise on the same day as the procedure.